306 Hollywood

U.S., 94m, DCP

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Screened September 28–October 11, 2018

An inspiring look at the extraordinary stories and histories hidden away in the everyday, 306 Hollywood memorializes and honors the life of the filmmakers’ grandmother Annette Ontell. Housewife, fashion designer, and beloved family member, Ontell lived seven decades in the same house—at the titular address in Hillside, New Jersey. This magical documentary follows the journey of cataloguing her physical belongings after her death, playfully peeking into odd corners along the way. Buoyed by a lovely familial touch, the film is as much a profound reflection on how we examine and deal with the past as it is a celebratory instruction manual on how to live in the present. An El Tigre Productions release, with support from the Sundance Institute Creative Distribution Fellowship.

Opening Night: Sundance Film Festival (Next)

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With filmmakers and guests in person at select opening-weekend shows and evenings opening week!

A film by Elan Bogarín Jonathan Bogarín

In the world of documentaries, it is bold, if not a landmark.”