A Classy Broad

93m, DCP, U.S.

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Screened October 21, 2017

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The gates of Hollywood were stormed in 1974 by a Jewish girl from Texas when Marcia Nasatir became the first female vice president of production at a major studio, United Artists. Writer/director Anne Goursaud’s documentary feature presents Nasatir musing about  hits, misses, and reinventions with input from collaborators (including The Big Chill’s Glenn Close and Lawrence Kasdan), colleagues, family, and friends.

New York premiere screening

With Anne Goursaud and Marcia Nasatir in person

The Quad welcomes for two special screenings a figure in film history who is unique by virtue of her diverse portfolio — movie studio executive, film critic, literary agent, and film producer Marcia Nasatir. Don’t miss the 30th anniversary screening of Hamburger Hill, also screening 10/21: https://quadcinema.com/film/hamburger-hill/

A film by Anne Goursaud