A Very Curious Girl (La Fiancée du pirate)

1969, France, 107m, DCP

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Screened April 12–18, 2019

Also retitled Dirty Mary, Nelly Kaplan’s breakthrough film engages in dark and surreal humor, showcasing Bernadette Lafont (The Mother and the Whore et al.) as Marie, a suddenly orphaned young woman who learns to use her village’s hypocrisy to her own advantage—sexually and otherwise. As Kaplan notes, the movie is “the story of a modern-day witch who is not burned by inquisitors; it is she who burns them.” With Michel Constantin (The Inglorious Bastards).

In French with English subtitles.

U.S. premiere engagement of a 50th anniversary 2K restoration.

Post-screening discussion with film critics Amy Taubin and Joan Dupont opening night, including a brand-new video interview with Nelly Kaplan.

A Very Curious Girl remains an exhilaratingly feminist film that is well worth reviving for a new audience today.” —Laura Mulvey

“Insolence raised to the status of art… the same atmosphere as in the best films of Luis Buñuel.” —Pablo Picasso

Our Nelly Kaplan retrospective, featuring brand new restorations many of her most notable films, starts April 19th.

A film by Nelly Kaplan

Remains amazingly fresh after 50 years.”

J. Hoberman, The New York Times