Amazon Women on the Moon

1987, 85m, 35mm, U.S.

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Screened September 18–24, 2018

A comedic potpourri erupts as a telecast of the titular 1950s sci-fi movie (spoof-helmed by Weiss), featuring he-man Steve Forrest and statuesque B-movie queen Sybil Danning, is interrupted by Landis’ segment about a newborn’s parents, with Michelle Pfeiffer; Dante’s investigative parody “Bulls—t or Not,” hosted by Henry Silva; Horton’s dating-dilemma tale starring Rosanna Arquette; Gottlieb’s “Son of the Invisible Man,” with a highly visible Ed Begley Jr.; and an armada of guests.

A film by Joe Dante Carl Gottlieb Peter Horton John Landis Robert K. Weiss