Before You Know It

U.S., 98m, DCP

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Screened August 30–September 19, 2019

Multi-hyphenate Hannah Pearl Utt writes, directs, and stars in this nuanced feature debut as Rachel, a stage manager who still lives in her childhood apartment above the Greenwich Village theater she runs with her family. Also crammed into the brownstone are her has-been playwright father (Mandy Patinkin), her off-kilter actress sister (played by co-writer Jen Tullock), and deadpan preteen niece (Oona Yaffe). The level-headed Rachel seems to be the only grownup holding things together, until in the wake of a sudden family tragedy, she and her sister learn their presumed-deceased mother (Judith Light) is actually alive and thriving as a soap-opera star. With the sisters’ already-precarious balance turned upside down, Rachel must figure out how to disentangle this surreal mess. A 1091 release

Official Selection: Sundance Film Festival

A film by Hannah Pearl Utt

A nuanced treatment of how the dynamics that bond a family together can also tear it apart.”

The Hollywood Reporter