Blowin’ Up

U.S., 94m, DCP

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Screened April 5–11, 2019

A compassionate, eye-opening look at the complexities of sex work, this fly-on-the-wall documentary reveals the goings-on at the Queens Human Trafficking Court, a boldly progressive female-run space that favors rehabilitation over jail time. The film’s clear-eyed approach is bolstered by interviews that illuminate each defendant’s unique set of circumstances and reveal the women who assist them—from the social workers to the lawyers, to the calmly empathetic Judge Toko Serita—as real-life heroes. 

Official Selection: Tribeca Film Festival, AFI Festival

Exclusive NY Engagement. A Juno Films release.

With filmmakers and special guests at select opening weekend shows and evenings opening week!

A film by Stephanie Wang-Breal

Blowin’ Up offers one of the most hopeful real-world visions of heroic women ever to fill the screen.”

Hollywood Reporter

…a work full of hope.”