Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach

1968, 94m, DCP, Italy/West Germany

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Screened March 2–22, 2018

A galvanizing classic of arthouse cinema, this full-length feature debut from Straub-Huillet made their reputation as rigorous observers of transcendent aesthetic experience, in a musical film as rewarding as it is precise. Featuring ensemble performances recorded live in front of the camera — often in the very spaces where the works originally premiered — and biographical excerpts from the diary of Bach’s second wife, the film defiantly eschews editorializing to emphasize the pleasures (and idiosyncrasies) of the music, and of a life in art. A Grasshopper Film release

50th anniversary restoration

In German with English subtitles

Exclusive NY Engagement

A film by Jean-Marie Straub Danièle Huillet

A minimalist love story of enormous richness.”

Chicago Reader