Daughter of Mine

Italy/Germany/Switzerland, 97m, DCP

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Screened February 1–14, 2019

In rural Sardinia, 10-year-old Vittoria has been raised by practical Tina (Valeria Golino, Rain Man) and her partner, only to learn that her biological mother is the village’s free-spirited party girl Angelica (Alba Rohrwacher, I Am Love). Tensions continue to mount between the two mothers when Angelica finds herself in financial trouble and claims the girl as her own. This vibrant, sunswept neorealist drama from director Laura Vispuri (Sworn Virgin) is a piercing inquiry into the trials and joys of motherhood. A Strand Releasing release

In Italian with English subtitles

Official Selection: Berlin International Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival

Exclusive NY engagement

A film by Laura Bispuri

Passionately involved in the exploration of oppositional ideas of motherhood… as a real and vivid [thing].”