Emanuelle’s Daughter

1980, 91m, 35mm, Greece/Cyprus

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Screened February 5, 2019

Real-life couple Laura Gemser and Gabriele Tinti reteam, yet despite their participation and the title (also known as Emanuelle: Queen Bitch and Emanuelle: Queen of Sados), this is a one-off seamy erotic thriller with Gemser cast as a woman named Emmanuella who tries to flee an abusive marriage but gets trapped in a blackmail plot that harms her teenaged stepdaughter Livia Russo. The last film made by Mylonakos regular Haris Tryfonas, billed as Harris Stevens.

Print Courtesy of the American Genre Film Archive

Please note: the print we will be screening is slightly faded.

A film by Ilias Mylonakos