Experimental Film Program

1963/1968/1988, 66m, 16mm, U.S.


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Screened August 26, 2017

Part of the program

Christmas on Earth  (Barbara Rubin, 1963, 30m)

Fuses (Carolee Schneemann, 1968, 23m)

Whoregasm  (Nick Zedd, 1988, 12m)

In Rubin’s multi-projector film, superimposed images work to create a dream-like ambience of mystical sexuality; in Schneemann’s Fuses, light and vibrant colors compliment depictions of lovemaking, as seen through the gaze of a housecat; and in Zedd’s film, intentionally grotesque images of sex are juxtaposed with street scenes and “ugly cops.”

Prints courtesy of Filmmakers Co-op

A film by Barbara Rubin

A film by Carolee Schneemann

A film by Nick Zedd