Four Moods

1970, 140m, DCP, Taiwan

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Screened September 22, 2018

For the Anger segment, A Touch of Zen director Hu adapts a Peking opera and returns to his favored motif of inns, as lawmen’s stopover at one with a troublesome prisoner leads to on-site trouble; Sadness, from Lee, is about a man who has lost his family; Bliss (or, Joy) sees ghosts shadowing thieves and is directed by Li, who brokered the project overall; and Happiness, from Pai, extends the film’s themes of death and spirits into otherworldly enlightenment.

In Mandarin with English subtitles

Print courtesy of the Taiwanese Film Institute

Co-presented with the New York Asian Film Festival

A film by King Hu Hsing Lee Han Hsiang Li Ching-Jui Pai