Germany in Autumn

1978, 123m, 35mm, West Germany

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Screened September 16–24, 2018

Organized by Kluge, several of the directors appear onscreen—most notably Fassbinder, with lover Armin Meier—to personalize their filmed responses to events that stunned the country: Baader-Meinhof Group followers kidnapped businessman Hanns Martin-Schleyer to effect prisoners’ releases, but the outcome was multiple deaths. Schlöndorff’s segment delves into television censorship, with a cast including Cabaret’s Helmut Griem.

In German with English subtitles

A film by Alf Brustellin Hans Peter Cloos Rainer Werner Fassbinder Alexander Kluge Maximiliane Mainka Edgar Reitz Katja Rupé Volker Schlöndorff Peter Schubert Bernhard Sinkel