Canada, 90m, DCP

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Screened October 11–24, 2019

Inspired by Lewis Hyde’s beloved classic The Gift: Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World, Gift is a richly cinematic documentary exploring the relationship between art and the gift economy. In the Pacific Northwest, a young Indigenous artist undertakes the elaborate preparations for a potlatch; in Rome, a factory occupied by migrant families is transformed into a living museum; In the pirate utopia of Burning Man, a bumblebee art car distributes honey in the post-­apocalyptic desert landscape, and in New Zealand, internationally-renowned installation artist Lee Mingwei prepares a transformative musical performance. Across these disparate geographic and economic conditions, Gift captures the universal human impulses of creativity and generosity. A Matson Films release

In English and Italian with English subtitles


A film by Robin McKenna

A call to action to bolster the transformative power of gifting globally…a much needed meditation on the role of sharing in the world today.”

Creative Commons

At a time when art is relentlessly commercialized and commodified, Robin McKenna’s Gift” provides a gentle and welcome reminder of other values.”

A.O. Scott, The New York Times