God Told Me To: The “Whisper” Cut

1976, U.S., 96m, 35mm


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Screened May 6, 2017

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A way-out mash-up of detective mystery, horror and science fiction elements, and ahead of its time transgender manifesto of sorts. With panic in the streets, guilt ridden Catholic cop Tony LoBianco goes down a rabbit hole investigating a series of mass killings whose culprits (including kill-crazy cop Andy Kaufman!) share only one motive: we refer you to the title. 

Legend has it God Told Me To was originally to be titled Whisper, with Bernard Herrmann set to compose the score. Cohen produced and screened an advance cut of the film (for one week only at a theater in Oregon) as a means of getting a tax credit. Herrmann passed away shortly following and the film was recut for its theatrical release. This original print, the Whisper cut, has never been seen in New York before.

Print courtesy of The Academy Film Archive

A film by Larry Cohen