Golden Years

Switzerland/Germany, 92m, DCP

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Fri February 23

Sat February 24

Sun February 25

Mon February 26

Tue February 27

Wed February 28

Thu February 29

Alice (Esther Gemsch) and Peter (Stefan Kurt) are celebrating their retirement – and with it, a new phase in their lives. However, shortly after the couple’s retirement party, a sudden tragedy befalls Alice’s best friend Magalie (Elvia Plüss). Peter, sympathetic to the suffering of Magalie’s widower, Heinz, invites him on the retirement cruise their children gave them. Alice had hoped this trip would infuse fresh life into their marriage, but instead of enjoying their time together, they find themselves drifting further apart. Disappointed and hurt, Alice doesn’t reboard the cruise ship during a shore excursion and instead embarks on a journey of self-discovery, taking her across Southern Europe and bringing her into a community of older people finding joy outside traditional notions of gender, marriage, and the later years of one’s life. A Music Box Films release

Official Selection: Palm Springs International Film Festival

A film by Barbara Kulcsar