Gomorrah: New Edition

2008, Italy, 137m, DCP

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Screened February 17, 2024

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Power, money, and blood. These are the “values” the inhabitants of the Province of Naples and Caserta are up against every day. Most of the time, you can’t choose, most of the time, you’re forced to obey the rules of the System, the Camorra (the criminal organization of the Campania Region), and only the more fortunate can hope to live a “normal” life. Five stories intertwine in a violent scenario, a ruthless world, seemingly far from reality but deeply rooted in our land. An IFC Films release

The Quad will be screening Gomorrah: New Edition, the 2020 version recut by Matteo Garrone with the intent of making “the narrative… now clearer and more fluid.”

A film by Matteo Garrone