Heat and Dust + Autobiography of a Princess

1983/1975, U.K., 130m/60m, DCP

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Screened September 1–14, 2017

Blending East with West, and moving effortlessly between the vibrant world of modern-day India and the magnificent splendors of the Raj, Merchant Ivory Productions’ acclaimed Heat and Dust follows the contemporary story of Anne (Julie Christie), a young woman drawn to India by her desire to unravel a mysterious family scandal surrounding the seduction of her great-aunt Olivia (Greta Scacchi) in the 1920s by a handsome and charismatic, if not entirely scrupulous, Indian prince (Shashi Kapoor). Her journey proves to be as much one of self-discovery as an opportunity to solve an enigma. Like Olivia, she too is drawn deep into India by an allure that, in a different way, has remained as sensual and romantic as it was half a century before.

World theatrical premiere of new 4K restoration.

Exclusive NY Engagement. A Cohen Film Collection release.

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Merchant Ivory’s little-seen short Autobiography of a Princess—originally made for British television—details the annual tea-party reunion of an Indian princess (Madhur Jaffrey), long divorced and living in self-exile in London, and her father’s ex-tutor, Cyril Sahib (James Mason), who together view home-movie footage of their former life in Royal India. While the recollections of the Princess are selective and hazily nostalgic, Cyril’s memories about their common past and her father, the Maharaja, have left him disillusioned and appalled.
World premiere of 2K restoration.

Exclusive NY Engagement. A Cohen Film Collection release.

A film by James Ivory

Graceful, funny, literate and entertaining.”

The New York Times