Here. Is. Better.

United States, 95m, DCP

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Screened June 23–29, 2023

A soldier’s story is always personal, but never more than in Here. Is. Better. This powerful feature-length documentary follows four of veterans, each with diverse backgrounds and service experience, as they undergo the most clinically effective, evidence-based trauma psychotherapy for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Individuals featured in the film include former presidential hopeful Jason Kander, who shocked many when he left the Kansas City mayoral race in 2018 to seek treatment; a Vietnam War veteran still haunted by events that occurred over 50 years ago; and the voices of so often overlooked women veterans, all seeking the keys to unlock their places of hurt and pain. Features a score composed by David Baron and Jeremiah Fraites of The Lumineers. A Greenwich Entertainment release

Official Selection: ReelAbilities Film Festival, Woodstock Film Festival

A film by Jack Youngelson

One of the most moving films I have seen in years, documentary or otherwise.”

Dominic Patten, Deadline