JT LeRoy

U.S., 108m, DCP

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Screened April 26–May 2, 2019

Kristen Stewart impeccably embodies two distinct identities as the teenaged girl coerced into posing as the male author JT LeRoy, the nom de plume of writer Laura Albert (a standout Laura Dern), who in turn pretends to be LeRoy’s pushy agent. An enthralling dramatization of one of the most infamous literary hoaxes of all time, JT LeRoy questions the boundaries between private and public personae and the very meaning of authorship. With Jim Sturgess, Courtney Love, and Diane Kruger as a European actor/director based on Asia Argento. 

Official selection: Toronto International Film Festival

A Variance Films release.

A film by Justin Kelly

A fascinating synergy runs both ways between Stewart and Leroy’s ascent to stardom… [Justin] Kelly finds a genuine pearl of wisdom in the web of deception.”

The Guardian