Jurassic Park

1993, 127m, DCP, U.S.

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Screened February 10–25, 2019

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A preserve creating genetically engineered dinosaurs is visited by mathematician Goldblum, who posits/warns of the Chaos Theory—and soon has to fend off the rampaging beasts; this is one of Goldblum’s most iconic roles, which he has to date reprised twice. Michael Crichton co-adapted his best-selling novel for a Spielberg smash hit, with the fantasy thriller winning three Oscars including for Visual Effects and Sound.

While Jurassic Park is often remembered as a sci-fi-adventure classic and can serve as an exemplar model of franchise film entertainment, mathematician, Dr. Ian Malcolm, stands as a landmark lust object for nerds of a certain generation. Whether he’s playing hands-and-words-y with Laura Dern’s Dr. Ellie Satler, distracting a T-Rex with a literal flare, or reclining with his shirt unbuttoned to reveal his pulsating flesh and blood, Jeff Goldblum is one bespectacled leathered hunk of curiosity-stoking charisma and chaos theory. As with so many of his roles, Goldblum manages to nearly steal the focus from the film’s main attraction with a portrayal that is questioning, sarcastic, and most deadly-of-all, sincere. – Diana Drumm, front of house staff

A film by Steven Spielberg