Leon’s Fantasy Cut

99m, U.S., DCP

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Screened April 21–27, 2023

Two first generation Ukrainian-American brothers George and Iggy know they are destined for great things. George is a wannabe business scion festering in a cell phone store. Iggy is a small-time pot dealer and an aspiring Rap mogul. They are stuck together in a suffocating studio apartment in South Brooklyn and are constantly at each other’s throats. But they know that their situation has to be temporary — after all this is America. George meets Ella, a hipster transplant and sees her as his key to a life outside the neighborhood. Iggy is convinced that Yuriy, a promising rapper he is “managing,” will be his ticket to a life of luxury if he can just get his music to the right person. But both of them learn that their dreams are elusive and that unrealized ones can make a person lose their mind. A Twisted Bag release

Official Selection: Brooklyn Film Festival

A film by Josh Caras Jon Valde