The Storm Within (Les parents terribles)

1948, France, 105m, DCP

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Screened May 25–June 14, 2018

In one of the great unseen masterpieces of post-WWII French cinema—a sheltered 22-year-old man, living with his middle-aged parents and spinster aunt, falls for a young woman, who just so happens to be his father’s mistress. Adapting his own stage play, the legendary Jean Cocteau (The Blood of a Poet, Beauty and the Beast) films this incestuous melodrama on a single set, emphasizing the artifice and claustrophobia, and, in the process, delivers one of his most radical cinematic experiments. 

In French with English subtitles.

U.S. premiere theatrical engagement.

70th anniversary 2K restoration. A Cohen Film Collection release.

Don’t miss our special repertory survey of French melodramas, in partnership with the famed Cinémathèque Française, running May 16 – 22.

A film by Jean Cocteau

Not only an astonishingly dynamic film, but melodrama of the highest order.”

Time Out (London)