Maurizio Cattelan: Be Right Back

U.S., 95m, DCP


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Screened April 14–May 4, 2017

A decade in the making, this playful documentary offers a rare glimpse into the mind of Italian conceptual artist Maurizio Cattelan, one of the contemporary art world’s most provocative (and expensive) artists. His sculptures and installations, characterized by ironic humor, flagrant irreverence for institutions, taxidermy, and even outright theft have sparked a worldwide conversation about the increasing commodification of art objects. Featuring testimonials from collectors, curators and personal acquaintances as well as Cattelan himself, who saves a few reflexive tricks for the camera.

Official selection: Tribeca Film Festival

A Bond/360 release.

A film by Maura Axelrod

Uproarious and thought-provoking.”

The New York Times