Mine 9

U.S., 84m, DCP

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Screened June 28–July 11, 2019

Based on real-life tragedies plaguing a West Virginian mining community, Eddie Mensore’s narrative feature centers nine coal miners trapped by a methane explosion two miles underground. Descending into the depths of the Appalachian earth, this working-class tale turned disaster movie is imbued with the blood, sweat, and dust of a disappearing generation of miners and their faith-and-fortitude way of life. With visceral special effects galore and a moving folk song refrain, “Coal Miner, Coal Miner,” that will follow you out the door.

An EmphatiCinema/Levey Distribution release

With director Eddie Mensore in person opening weekend!

A film by Eddie Mensore

The fiction [is] engrossing, the reality that inspired it is profound.”