Mourning in Lod

Israel, 75m, DCP

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Screened April 19–25, 2024

Mourning in Lod, takes a microcosmic look at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through Musa, Yigal, and Randa — three people whose fates become inextricably linked in a vicious cycle of violence. Lod/Lydd is a “mixed” city inhabited by Arabs and Jews who live side by side in a strained coexistence. In May 2021, two of these three people lost their lives and one regained hers — thanks to an unlikely organ transplant. The outpouring of love, anger, forgiveness and sorrow that follows in their wake is a ray of light that offsets a collective state of mourning with no end in sight. A MTV Documentary Films release

In Arabic and Hebrew with English subtitles

A film by Hilla Medalia