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U.S., 86m, DCP

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Screened January 12–25, 2018

Acclaimed photographer Laurie Simmons stars in her directorial debut, a funny, fanciful, and decidedly feminist take on a personal and professional midlife crisis. Escaping the city for a friend’s summer house upstate, 65-year-old artist Ellie (Simmons) finds inspiration in the out-of-work actors (Robert Clohessy and Josh Safdie) who maintain the grounds. John Rothman and Parker Posey (Safdie’s fictional wife) round out the motley crew Ellie recruits for her fanciful reenactments of Hollywood classics, which help re-invigorate her creative mojo. With a cameo from daughter Lena Dunham. 

Official selection: Tribeca Film Festival, Venice Film Festival

Exclusive NY engagement. A Film Movement release.

The 4.50pm & 7.00pm screenings on Sunday, January 14 are dedicated to women artists (and friends!)

A film by Laurie Simmons

Fantastic, sublime, a cinematic treat and absolutely charming.”

The Huffington Post