Néa (aka A Young Emmanuelle)

1976, 103m, DCP, France

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Screened April 19–24, 2019

A sensual novel from Emmanuelle author Emmanuelle Arsan was adapted by Kaplan with frequent writing and producing partner Jean Chapot. When shoplifting teen Ann Zacharias is caught by, and catches the eye of, publisher Sami Frey (César and Rosalie) she expands her erotic horizons while trying her hand at steamy fiction—but issues with family (including her mom Micheline Presle) arise. Geneva locations set the scene while a feline steals several of them.

In French with English subtitles

Featuring a post-screening discussion with critics Joan Dupont and Amy Taubin on April 19

A film by Nelly Kaplan

Clearly way ahead of its time…[among] the most fiercely feminist and trailblazing films of [its] day.”

Joan Dupont, Film Quarterly