No Maps on My Taps and About Tap

1982/1985, U.S., 58m/28m, DCP

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Screened July 7–August 3, 2017

Tap dancing is one of the great American art forms—an important expression of black heritage and culture, but it had fallen out of favor by the mid-20th century. The arrival of these documentaries by George T. Nierenberg (Say Amen, Somebody) served as a lightning rod, relaunching tap’s popularity at the start of the ’80s. With several legends of the form in bravura performances, these films—finally beautifully restored—remain as astonishing and ebullient as ever.

World premiere of new restorations from the original camera negatives. A Milestone Films release.

A film by George T. Nierenberg

A lively showcase for veteran Harlem hoofers.”

Time Out (London)