Nothing Lasts Forever

U.S., 87m, DCP

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Screened November 11–17, 2022

Can you tell the real thing from a fake? What if the difference no longer matters? The De Beers diamond cartel cornered the market on eternal love with the “A diamond is forever” catchphrase, but now a wave of undetectable synthetic diamonds has flooded global gem markets, threatening to expose the artifice that props up a multi-billion dollar industry. Featuring interviews with diamond merchants, De Beers execs, auctioneers, gemologists, designers, investigators, and scientists, this film explores one of the most beautiful lies ever told. A Showtime release

Official Selection: Berlin International Film Festival, South by Southwest Film Festival, Camden International Film Festival

A film by Jason Kohn

Sparkling and entertaining… Guaranteed to change the way you look at diamonds.”

Daniel Fienberg, The Hollywood Reporter

An engaging look at the forces undermining the natural diamond industry, and how its leaders are fighting to preserve the myth of ‘value.'”

Peter Debruge, Variety