1951, France, 96m, 2K DCP Restoration

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Screened June 11, 2023

A seven-decades-standing cinematic landmark, via a pioneering French female director, of lesbian representation; the dreamily romantic movie itself unfolds decades prior, at a 19th-century finishing school where English enrollee Olivia (played by [Marie-]Claire Olivia) is stirred by both her headmistress (French stage icon Edwige Feuillère, whose performance earned a BAFTA Award nomination) and her teacher (Simone Simon of the original Cat People). Based on a novella by Dorothy Bussy (credited as “Olivia”), who dedicated it to Virginia Woolf.

In French with English subtitles.

An Icarus Films / Distrib Films US release. 

A film by Jacqueline Audry

A compound of velvet innuendos—polite, discreet and finely wrought.”

The New York Times

Olivia belongs in discussions with Death in VeniceMaurice, and Carol in great film adaptations of queer literature.”