Papa, the Lil’ Boats (Papa, les p’tits bateaux)

1971, 102m, DCP, France

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Screened April 20–25, 2019

Kaplan makes a slaphappy run at the kidnap-caper-gone-awry genre. UK actress Sheila White (I, Claudius) stars as wacky heiress “Cookie,” daughter of Sydney Chaplin (real-life son of icon Charlie), who proves to be quite the handful for her bumbling captors (among them Michel Bouquet and Michael Lonsdale). Kaplan edited the film with Noëlle Boisson (The Bear) and cameos alongside a little dog.

In French with English subtitles

A film by Nelly Kaplan

The funniest film I’ve seen in quite some time.”

Jonas Mekas, The Village Voice, 1972