Ray Meets Helen

U.S., 113m, DCP

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Screened May 4–17, 2018

Rudolph’s latest is a drama with humor about the province of, as he says, “good chance,” accordingly reuniting him with Keith Carradine for their sixth movie together. Ray (Carradine) and Helen (Sondra Locke) are each burdened with money woes and life regrets. But when windfalls come their way, they each seize the day to reinvent themselves—and meet for the first time in their newly devised identities. With the always-excellent Samantha Mathis as a wealthy barfly.

A Moonstone Entertainment release.

With director Alan Rudolph and stars Keith Carradine and Samantha Mathis in person opening night!

A film by Alan Rudolph

Wonderfully, magically humane.”

The New York Times