Reggie: A Millennial Depression Comedy

U.S., 112m, DCP

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Screened September 2, 2021

After yet another breakup, Mitch is steered by his closest friends towards therapy as an option to break his various self-sabotaging cycles. Battling his problems with communication, fear, depression, and anxiety, Mitch reaches a breaking point. In a moment of impulsivity, he adopts a miniature horse named Reggie that has dwarfism and, coincidentally, anxiety issues. As his relationship with Reggie grows, and with the help of his therapist, Indigo, Mitch struggles to forget his past, forgive his mistakes, and grow into the person that he yearns to be. During this process, he also begins building real relationships with the people in his life who always saw that person inside him. Starring Jacques Belliveau, Kiwi the mini horse, Hanna Brown, Colette Darby, Amanda Ortega, Iain Rocco, Duke Wicker, Spose, Monique Marvez, Jason Allen King, and Academy Award nominee Gary Busey.

A film by Jacques Belliveau