Róise & Frank

Ireland, 88m, DCP

Showtimes & Tickets

Screened March 31–April 20, 2023

Róise is still grieving the loss of her husband, Frank, when a mysterious dog shows up at her door. Mildly annoyed by the canine attempting to disrupt her mourning, she attempts to ignore him. But before long, a series of coincidences convince her that somehow this shaggy dog is her husband Frank reincarnated. Soon the dog will win over others in their small town, as well as becoming the unlikely coach to a shy, hurling-loving local boy, before mysteriously disappearing. Part drama, part comedy, this wonderful Irish film is sure to deliver smiles, tears, and laughs to film lovers of all ages. A Juno Films release

In Gaelic with English subtitles

Winner: Audience Choice Award, 2022 Santa Barbara Film Festival

Winner: Audience Choice Award, 2022 Sonoma International Film Festival


Open Caption Screenings:

Sat April 8, 9.40pm

Sun April 9, 4.10pm

Mon April 10, 7.15pm

(Tickets purchasable at the Quad box office and via Fandango.)

A film by Rachael Moriarty Peter Murphy

You’d need a shard of ice in your heart not to be charmed even just a little by this eccentric Irish-language comedy.”

Cath Clarke, The Guardian