Rude Boy

1980, U.K., 133m, DCP

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Screened May 13–19, 2022

Merging documentary and fiction, Rude Boy follows roughneck Ray Gange as he drops his Soho sex-shop job to roadie for The Clash — the most fiery, revolutionary rock ’n’ roll band of the era, seen in this film at the dizzying peak of their powers. Ray, a difficult, sometimes reactionary subject and a foil to the band’s idealism, plays observer to The Clash’s legendary 1978 Rock Against Racism concert in London’s Victoria Park and of their studio recording of Give ’Em Enough Rope. Set against a background of riots, racist and anti-racist demonstrations, and police hostility towards Black British youth, this unforgettable, absorbing film presents a portrait of a U.K. on the brink of Thatcherism, and a moment when subcultural shock troops met those of a rising right wing in the streets. A Metrograph Pictures release

The restoration, grading, and remastering of Rude Boy was produced by Mark Rance for Watchmaker Films, London. The audio was restored and remastered by Matt Bainbridge at Blue Cat Productions, London. The restoration process was supervised and the final masters were approved by Jack Hazan.

Official Selection: Berlin International Film Festival, Göteborg Film Festival, New York Film Festival

A film by Jack Hazan David Mingay

Mesmerizing… the concert episodes are furiously alive. For anyone even marginally interested in the Clash’s music, they’re more than enough reason to see the movie.”

Janet Maslin, The New York Times