Scandalous: The Untold Story of the National Enquirer

U.S., 97m, DCP

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Screened November 15–29, 2019

This riveting, tantalizing documentary offers a salacious deep-dive into the National Enquirer, the nation’s leading institution of disreputable entertainment journalism. On the forefront of gossip and scandal coverage for over 60 years, the newspaper has pumped out breaking news and questionably-sourced scoops on Elvis’ death, the O.J. Simpson trial, and more. Filmmaker Mark Landsman explores how the tawdry tabloid rattled the foundation of American culture and politics by blurring the delineation between truth and fiction and packing its pages with enough sex and shock-value to keep copies flying off newspaper racks across America.

A Magnolia Pictures release.


A film by Mark Landsman

Engrossing…lurid, titillating.”

The Washington Post

Colorful and entertaining.”

The Hollywood Reporter