Seven Chances + The High Sign

U.S., 76m, DCP

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Screened October 6–11, 2018

A hit Broadway show is opened up in a big way by Keaton, with unforgettable sequences in church and on hillside. Stockbroker Keaton has gone broke, so a will reading is just in time—literally, since it requires his being married by day’s end or forfeit millions. But when sweetheart Ruth Dwyer feels he’s botched the proposal, propriety goes out the window. Future star Jean Arthur has a bit part as Keaton’s receptionist.

U.S. premiere of 4K restoration

Preceded by:

The High Sign (Edward Cline & Buster Keaton, 1921, U.S., 20m)

A criminal gang recruits Keaton, but he rigs up protective devices for their intended targets’ home.

U.S. premiere of 4K DCP restoration

If you like movies, you’ve seen Seven Chances (whether you’ve actually watched it or not, thanks to homages and remakes ranging from The Three Stooges to 1999’s The Bachelor). Like Chaplin’s potatoes, or Lloyd’s clock dangling, Keaton running from brides and boulders is cemented in the great pantheon of comedic cinema and marks a height of utilized physicality and physical terrain on screen. – Diana Drumm, Front of House Staff

A film by Buster Keaton