Seven Women, Seven Sins

1986, 109m, 16mm, France/Austria/Belgium/U.S./West Germany

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Screened September 26–27, 2018

Seven independent female directors’ takes on the deadly sins. In Gordon’s Greed, subtitled Pay to Play, a Lotto ticket sold by Luis Guzmán becomes a bone of contention in an upscale ladies’ room; in Sander’s Gluttony segment, Michael Dick and Gabi Herz reinterpret Adam and Eve; and for the project’s producer Cohen’s Anger portion, non-performers were recruited to vent and rage on-camera.

With Maxi Cohen and Bette Gordon in person Sept 26

A film by Chantal Akerman Maxi Cohen Valie Export Laurence Gavron Bette Gordon Ulrike Ottinger Helke Sander