She Must Be Seeing Things

1987, 94m, 16mm, U.S.

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Screened August 9, 2017

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In this romantic psychodrama, smitten couple Agatha and filmmaker Jo are made distant after Agatha reads Jo’s diary, suggesting a decidedly heterosexual past. During Jo’s intense film shoot, Agatha begins surreptitiously seeing (or hallucinating?) her partner out and about enjoying the company of men. With a score by downtown New York mainstay John Zorn, this is a film given considerable warmth by the minutiae of its depiction of New York City as a city of tradeoffs—where work is everything, nobody has enough time, and everyone is wondering if they can do better. Print courtesy of UCLA and the Outfest Legacy Project

30th anniversary screening with Sheila McLaughlin in person

Organized in collaboration with Steve Macfarlane.

A film by Sheila McLaughlin

Eroticism, voyeurism, and female desire. A thought-provoking film.”

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