U.S., 79m, DCP

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Screened November 9–11, 2018

With the resurgence of far-right nationalism all over the world, reports of anti-Semitism have increased in Europe and especially in France, where long-simmering prejudices seem to be entering the mainstream. With up-to-the-minute relevance, director Laura Fairrie interviews a variety of French Jews who grapple with their place in a society that is growing increasingly intolerant, and includes an extended interview with notorious comedian Dieudonné, a provocateur whose popular and controversial quenelle (inverted Nazi salute) cuts straight to the heart of a troubling reality.

In French, Hebrew, and Arabic with English subtitles.

Exclusive NY engagement. A Cohen Media Group release.

Please note: the Q&A after the 7:30pm show on Friday, June 22 will be recorded.

A film by Laura Fairrie