Sweet Charity

1969, 149m, DCP, U.S.

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Screened August 4–8, 2018

Fosse’s first and most under-appreciated film is a full-on movie-movie of the Broadway musical that he’d directed in 1966. All the city’s an open-air stage for exuberant production numbers choreographed with a reported assist from the show’s star Gwen Verdon. Taking the baton is Shirley MacLaine as taxi dancer Charity, whose checkered love life is finally looking up via humble accountant John McMartin (reprising his stage turn). Based on Fellini’s 1957 film The Nights of Cabiria

Introduced on August 4th by Kevin Winkler, author of Big Deal: Fosse and Dance in the American Musical, and on August 8th by Verdon Fosse Legacy reconstructeur Lloyd Culbreath

A film by Bob Fosse