Ten Days’ Wonder (La Décade prodigieuse)

1971, 110m, 16mm, France/Italy

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Screened December 11, 2018

In this baroque, myth-laden murder-mystery (based on an Ellery Queen novel!), sculptor Anthony Perkins awakens with bloody hands and enlists philosophy professor Michel Piccoli to investigate. They arrive at the Alsace villa where Perkins’ billionaire stepfather (Welles) plays God, re-creating the year 1925, right down to the attire of its occupants, including his young wife Marlène Jobert. The 10 Commandments, lust, and blackmail all figure in the subsequent proceedings. With costumes by Karl Lagerfeld, on the second of his five films with Chabrol.

Still Courtesy of the Everett Collection

A film by Claude Chabrol