The Artist and the Model

2012, Spain, 104m, DCP

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Screened November 14–17, 2022

Working in French and with co-screenwriter Jean-Claude Carrière (Luis Buñuel’s closest collaborator), Trueba traverses again into the autumn years of an artist in a tale set in the midst of World War II. Living far from the battle line, sculptor Marc Cros (Jean Rochefort) whiles away his time, feeling that his artistic inspiration has long subsided. One day, Mercè (Aida Folch), a Spanish refugee who escaped from a nearby camp, arrives at his door, and is taken in by his wife Léa (Claudia Cardinale). The story of his new houseguest, as well as her disarming beauty, awakens a desire to create art Marc has not felt for years, leading to a process of self-reflection about his life and his life’s work. Beautifully shot in widescreen black and white by Daniel Vilar.

In French and Spanish with English subtitles

A film by Fernando Trueba