The Captain

Germany/France/Portugal/Poland, 120m, DCP

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Screened July 27–August 16, 2018

During the final weeks of WWII, German army deserter Max Hubacher stumbles upon a discarded Nazi captain’s uniform that provides more than just immediate warmth. Assuming the authoritative gestures suggested by the outfit— and claiming to be on a mission on orders from the Führer—he finds people are willing to follow his commands. Stylishly shot in black and white, Robert Schwentke’s film marks a welcome return to the veteran director’s native Germany where he delivers a blackly comic social parable. A Music Box Films release

In German with English subtitles

Official Selection: Toronto International Film Festival

Co-presented by Goethe-Institut New York.

Exclusive NY engagement

With director Robert Schwentke in person at select screenings opening weekend!

A film by Robert Schwentke

This is a film that fully understands the psychology of the German soldiers and offers unflinching, timeless truth.”