The Fall of the American Empire

Canada, 127m, DCP

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Opening Fri May 31 Tickets on sale Mon May 27.

A little corruption goes a long way in this drolly discursive comedy from celebrated French-Canadian filmmaker Denys Arcand (director of the Oscar-winning The Barbarian Invasions). When altruistic Montreal malcontent Pierre-Paul (Alexandre Landry) witnesses a botched bank robbery, he makes off the money and then experiences a crisis of conscience—seeking the services of a high-class escort (Maripier Morin) and an ex-con economist (Remy Girard) in a money-laundering scheme until the authorities catch up with him. In French with English subtitles. A Sony Pictures Classics release

A film by Denys Arcand

A richly amusing rumination on the excesses and amorality of capitalism.”