The Most Beautiful Boy in the World

Sweden, 93m, DCP

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Fri September 24

Sat September 25

Sun September 26

Mon September 27

Tue September 28

Wed September 29

Thu September 30

In 1970, filmmaker Luchino Visconti travelled throughout Europe looking for the perfect boy to personify absolute beauty in his screen adaptation of Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice. In Stockholm, he discovered Björn Andrésen, a shy 15-year-old whom he brought to international fame overnight. Fifty years after the premiere of Death in Venice, Björn takes us on a remarkable journey of personal memories, cinema history, stardust, and tragic events in what could be a last attempt to finally get his life back on track. A Juno Films release

A film by Kristina Lindström Kristian Petri

A haunting, gut-wrenching exploration of a timeless idol and the weight of his success.”

Robert Daniels,