Tiny Tim: King For A Day

U.S./Denmark/Sweden, 78m, DCP

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Screened April 23–May 6, 2021

Narrated by Weird Al Yankovic, Tiny Tim: King for a Day is a biographical doc about a musician who is not only well-known for hits such as “Tiptoe Through the Tulips with Me” but for his trailblazing personae that paved the way for other rock stars. An outcast from a young age, Herbert Khary’s rise to stardom as Tiny Tim is the ultimate fairytale. His wedding on the Carson Show was watched by over 45 million Americans and his queer personality has been celebrated by the likes of Bob Dylan, Marilyn Manson, and Lady Gaga.

There were plans and hopes that Tiny Tim would be a lasting star, not only a novelty act, but one man ruined these plans: Tiny Tim. The exclusive access to Tiny Tim’s intense diaries, the playful and powerful animations, and the interviews with his family and friends make this film not only a captivating portrait of one of the oddest stars the world has ever seen but also a psychological drama, examining the borderline between insanity and geniality. A Juno Films release

Official Selection: Fantasia International Film Festival, DOC NYC


A film by Johan von Sydow

Informative, and made with love.”

Katie Rife, A.V. Club

A great place to start if you want to learn more about the American legend who was Tiny Tim.”

Lorry Kikta, Film Threat