Trailer Camp

1996, USA, 70m, 35mm

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Screened January 4, 2018

Part of the program

One of the great contemporary film essayists, director Jenni Olson (The Royal Road) is also a celebrated film archivist committed to celluloid and preserving unknown works of LGBT history. Her two passions intertwined in this compilation of movie trailers — a riotously hilarious collection of previews that expose the camp undertones bubbling beneath the surface of Hollywood and art films. Starring John Travolta (with the trailers for Saturday Night Fever, Stayin’ Alive, Grease, and Perfect), Mae West (Sextette), Raquel Welch (Kansas City Bomber), Cher (Chastity), and many more, this trip to camp is the perfect break from the winter doldrums.

Director’s personal 35mm print

Hold onto your ticket stubs for half off a glass of wine or beer at our bar following the screening. (For Trailer Camp ticket holders only).