U.S./U.K./Namibia/South Africa/Zimbabwe, 108m, DCP

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Screened September 8–26, 2017

With the ever-increasing demand for the commodification of animals, a number of species—from elephants to lions to rhinoceroses—are coming perilously close to extinction. Filmmakers Shaul Schwarz (Narco Cultura) & Christina Clusiau travelled across the globe to speak directly with big game hunters, breeders, and conservationists, asking pointed questions about the economic and moral implications of our treatment of wildlife. The result is a searing, complex, must-see documentary sure to engender heated debate from all sides. 

Official selection: Sundance Film Festival

Exclusive NY engagement. A release of The Orchard.

A film by Shaul Schwarz Christina Clusiau

Sprawling, complex, and beautifully lensed.”

Screen International