Trouble in Paradise

1932, U.S., 83m, 35mm

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Screened March 30, 2023

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A jewel thief (Herbert Marshall), a pickpocket (Miriam Hopkins), and a perfume company executive (Kay Francis) are the unlikely romantic triangle in the most effervescent and perfect of Hollywood romantic comedies. Filled with pre-Code sauciness and candor, Trouble in Paradise is also the ultimate example of “The Lubitsch Touch,” an ineffable blend of sophistication and wit. Selected by John Guare as one of his all-time favorite movies.

A film by Ernst Lubitsch

Lubitsch attained an unsurpassable perfection… No Lubitsch film more fully realizes his wish to make a film like a piece of music, in this instance a sonata of Mozartean grace.”

Geoffrey O’Brien, The New York Review of Books